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What is TeachADHD?

The TeachADHD project began at Brain and Behaviour Research program at The Hospital for Sick Children and has evolved through the hospital's Community Health Systems Resource Group's "Teach for Success" initiative. The project's mission is to make available to teachers relevant educational material stemming from current ADHD research in order to improve the learning outcomes of all students. It is the intention of TeachADHD to present only information that is supported by substantiated research. All materials developed for this project have been evaluated by teachers for its educational relevance.

What TeachADHD materials are available?

Materials include a DVD, Teacher's Resource Manual, and the TeachADHD website.

The DVD provides updated information about the nature of ADHD, associated impairments, interviews with students with ADHD and their teachers, video clips of children with ADHD in a classroom, and a systematic approach to lesson planning that teachers can use to help students with ADHD succeed at learning. The material is presented in 3 programs:

  • ABC's of ADHD,
  • ADHD Symptoms at School,
  • Teaching Children with ADHD.

Teacher's Resource Manual supplements and expands upon the information presented in the DVD. In addition to this information, the Manual also includes case studies, teacher instructional strategies, and various self-check learning activities that are designed for teachers and professional involved in teacher training.

The TeachADHD website contains much of the information produced for the Teacher's Resource Manual, an interactive forum and an up-to-date resource centre.

The complete Teacher's Resource Manual and supportive DVD can be purchased by visiting

Who developed TeachADHD?

The following organizations have participated in the development of TeachADHD.

Contact information


  • National Institute of Mental Health (Grant #1R21 MH62958-01A1)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Grant #MOP 64312)
  • The Community Health Systems Resource Group, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • TVOntario
  • Shire BioChem Incorporated unrestricted educational grant​