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Teaching children with ADHD

This section provides teachers with specific information to guide the planning, implementation, and monitoring of school-based instructional and behavioral management plans for students with ADHD. The process and strategies highlighted in this section are useful for many students, not just those with a diagnosis of ADHD.

The first two components provide teachers with resources to guide their instructional decisions regarding students with ADHD.

Rethinking the Classroom for Students with ADHD describes a planning process that can be used to develop intervention goals and action plans to facilitate success for students with ADHD.

The last two components provide teachers with resources to guide their behavioral management decisions for students with ADHD, facilitate home-school communication, and understand their role in monitoring pharmacological treatment of ADHD

Behavior Support Strategies briefly highlights both antecedent and consequence-based behavior management strategies that can be used by classroom teachers to further promote optimal academic and behavioral functioning for students.

Home and School Connection provides teachers with information about fostering a collaborative home and school relationship, discusses homework difficulties and strategies, and provides information on pharmacological treatment of ADHD.